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Energy Diet
NL International is the result of an encounter between an entrepreneur, Sylvain BONNET, a French lab manufacturer of shape & well-being products, and direct selling network specialists. A common view, shared trust and thirst for success are the initiatives that propelled NL International to be born in 2003.

Today, NL International counts thousands of dealers who sell a range of successful nutritional supplements and health-oriented products in Europe, Russia and Canada.

The NL International direct selling networks are in continuous growth and offer real development prospects for your own personal and financial advancement.

The keys to NL International’s success:
- An expanding market
- Innovative products
- An exceptional remuneration system
- Enthusiastic men and women

NL International commercializes meal replacements and food supplements under the Beautysané® brand. Made in France, the products are the result of a high level scientific research and are manufactured according to the current European standards. Supported by FFBE (French Fund for Well-being and Environment), they benefit from all the attention and reliability needed to guarantee an exemplary product for the customer.

Beautysané®, a range of products which allows a daily nutritional balance.

Energy Diet products respond to a body's various needs:
- Weight control;
 - Digestive balance; 
- Improvement of athletic performance.
Vigean oils
Rare are the French artisan oil mills that have survived the multiplication of industrial oil manufacturers in the 1960’s. The Philippe VIGEAN Company is just one of those. The flavors and aromas of oil – a complex alchemy !

In Clion-sur-Indre, near Chateauroux (Chef Pierre’s hometown), a third-generation artisan, Mr. Eric Vigean, creates some of the best hand-crafted, specialty oils in the world.

This oil is now available in the U.S. for specialty wholesale customers. Please contact us for more information

"Huilerie VIGEAN produces the best oils in the world! The suite of VIGEAN oils will bring new dimensions to your cuisine!"

"I use the cold-pressed walnut oil for a mâché salade with goat cheese; roasted hazelnut oil 'gourmande' on a veal chop; sesame oil on a sea scallop; cold-pressed raisin seed oil on a rabbit terrine." - Pierre Sauvaget

 See the long list of products from the Master Artisan at or request it by name from your local distributor.